Dallas, OR

Turner Construction

Contract Value:

  • Demolition and excavation of current in-place system
  • Boiler tank set and associated pipe work
  • Additional HVAC, flooring, and controls

AEC was contracted by General Contractor Turner Construction to rework an existing boiler room to accommodate new boilers as well as an outdoor air handler. The scope included demolition and excavation, wall reconfigurations, epoxy flooring, doors, paint, fuel tank, fire protection equipment, HVAC, Controls, and Electrical work.

Crews began by excavating the whole for the new tank and stockpiling incoming pea rock for backfill material. Piping materials were ordered and prepared for the tank set and installation. The shoring system was set in place and the excavation area was graded out for the tank. Following tank placement, the hole was backfilled with the gravel to the top of the tank and the shoring system was removed. Crews installed the penetrations into the transition sump and built piping manifolds inside the trans sump.