Turner Salem Hospital Fuel System and Generator Upgrade

Location: Salem, OR

Client: Turner Construction

Contract Value: $1,143,277

Project Highlights
  • Design-Build Fuel System
  • 40,000 gal, 70’ UST installation
  • Engineered soldier pile shoring system
  • Installation of approximately 1100 lf of underground and above ground piping
Project Scope

AEC was contracted by General Contractor Turner Construction to perform a design-build Generator Addition at Salem Health’s CEP Building in Salem, OR. Project Manager Garrett Hale bid this project to GC Turner Construction, which included the design and installation of shoring, installation of a 40,000 gallon fuel tank, 1100 lf of  piping, monitoring and controls.

AEC started with the design of a soldier pile shoring system which required precise engineering for this project, as the excavated area was directly adjacent to the building.  The new 40,000 gallon fuel tank was approximately 70’ in length and therefore required an excavation that was 76’ long by 16’ wide by 16’ deep. Following the tank placement, crews poured a concrete slab 72’ by 14’ over the top of the UST, and refinished all associated flooring with steel finish.

AEC also designed an all new fuel system to integrate with the old generator system so the two systems could be used in tandem or alternately. When the generators turn on, they alternate via the sequence of operations, which operates by automatically activating the tank which contains the greater amount of fuel, and in order to keep the two working together properly. Crews installed approximately 400 lf of 2” steel pipe and 200 lf of 1” pipe above ground, as well as roughly 500 lf of fiberglass primary and secondary (3/2”) underground piping.

AEC managed the installation of a master control panel in order to integrate between the old system and new one. We piped in three new day tanks for the three new generators and installed the corresponding above ground and underground fuel piping.

Next, we installed a fuel polishing filtration system, which was also integrated to polish either tank, and installed all new monitoring systems for old AND new USTs.