Line of Fire Training

In attempt to remain vigilant about safety concerns in our high-risk industry, AEC has undergone a specialized hazard awareness training to stay committed to getting our team home safely every day. In this training we focused on Line of Fire, a military phrase which has evolved in our industry to mean any situation where a person is in the path of direct harm. The training outlined six questions every on-site team member needs to ask themselves while completing their duties to help identify risk:
  • Are you checking equipment and tools to ensure they are free from Line of Fire hazards?
    • What could move/shift unexpectedly due to outside force?
    • What would the trajectory of that object be?
    • Have you completed training with that tool?
  • Are you identifying and controlling all Line of Fire hazards in your job plan?
    • Do you keep your body out of the potential Line of Fire?
    • Can you see your hands and feet?
    • Is there any way an extremity can get trapped/pinched?
    • can you be seen by others?
  • Are appropriate barricades up to protect the workforce?
  • Are you aware of your exposure level?
    • What’s happening around you?
    • What could happen next?
  • Would you stop work if the situation changes to reassess risk? Would you seek a second opinion?
  • Do you self-check Line of Fire hazards to make sure they don’t become routine and neglected?
These six questions can mitigate injury, and even save your life or the life crewmates. OSHA has determined that there are four common injuries, designated as the “Fatal Four,” in our industry. These are: falls, being struck by an object, electrocution, and being in between objects. By remaining aware of all possible Line of Fire situations our industry can overcome these Fatal Four situations and our crews can make it home after a hard day of safe work. Although the industry has seen a decline of workplace injury in the past few years, even one incident is too many and Anderson Environmental Contracting, LLC is a dedicated partner in training our workforce to reaching the ultimate goal of ZERO work-related injuries.

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